What are the advantages of pneumatic components?

What are the advantages of pneumatic components?

What are the advantages of pneumatic components:

a. The structure of the pneumatic device is simple, lightweight, and the medium is compressed air. It has the ability to fire, explosion -proof, and moisture -proof. Compared with hydraulic methods, the pneumatic method can be used on high temperature occasions, so it is safe to use.

b. Due to the small loss of air flow, compressed air can be concentrated, long -distance transportation, the air itself does not spend money, the exhaust treatment is simple, and the environment does not pollute the environment.

c. The adjustment of the output force and the working speed is very easy. The movement speed of the cylinder is generally less than 1m/s, which is faster than the hydraulic movement.

d. High reliability and long service life. For example, the life of the general solenoid valve is> 3k, and some quality even exceeds 200 million times.

Common air source components mainly include: air compressors, filters, pressure reducing valves, pressure meters, oil mist, etc.

1. The air compressor generates the air medium;

2. Filter filtering the medium of compressed air, the main medium is water. Therefore, the filter generally has two types: manual drainage and automatic drainage.

3. The pressure decompression valve is mainly the pressure of the gas circuit, which refers to the constant pressure and ensure the stability of the pressure of the pneumatic system.

4. The pressure gauge is an indicator instrument for air pressure.

5. Oil fog device is a lubricant in the atomized gas device.

Cylinder: one of the main pneumatic driving components, there are many types: divide according to the action, single -action cylinder and dual -action cylinder. A single -action cylinder refers to the movement in a certain direction of the piston rod of the cylinder. The dual -action cylinder refers to the two directions of the cylinder.

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