Do you really know how to use the electric pen? Article 3 Precautions can easily lead to electric shock!

Here, the author emphasizes that electricity is a special operation. For safety reasons, non -professionals cannot operate. The purpose of this article is to test whether the line is charged under the circumstances! However, non -licenseal personnel are prohibited from conducting power operations.

Electric pens are found by almost every family. A kind of electric pen used before, like a screwdriver, the tail will be on when the switch jack is exposed to the switch jack. When you grow up, you know that this kind of contact test pen is a relatively earlier electrical pen. Different from this kind of electrical pen is the current new type of electrical pen, the name is called hard stone induction number.


For many electrician friends, this kind of electrical pen is used more.

This new type of electric meter is a hardstone tool product, which is suitable for direct detection of the cross -current voltage of 12V to 250V, and indirectly detecting the zero, phase lines, and breakpoints of the AC electricity. Reading is intuitive, complete, and cheap.



1. button description

A key “Direct”: When the direct measuring key (far away from the LCD screen), that is, when you directly contact the line with the front end of the metal (referred to as the batch head), press this button.

B key “INDUCTANCE”: When the sensing/breakpoint measuring key (closer to the LCD screen), that is, when the batch head induction (note is induction, instead of direct contact) line, press this button.

Regardless of how the text on the pen is printed, in general, the farther away from the LCD screen is the direct measurement of health, and the sensing/breakpoint measurement key is closer to the LCD screen. If this is not the layout, it will indicate that it is a cottage or inferior product. For your safety, it is not recommended to buy it.

2. Direct detection:

1. Touch the direct measurement (Direct) key, and directly contact the detection object in the front end of the metal of the electric pen;

1.1 The final number is the measured voltage value (the voltage value of the voltage of 12V, 36V, 55V, 110V, and 220V in this test is usually ≤ 36V.

1.2 When the display value is 70%before the high paragraph, the low paragraph value is displayed;

1.3. When measuring non -ground DC electricity, touch another pole (such as positive or negative poles).

2. When the electric pen is directly exposed to the line of fire, no matter whether the hand is encountered or not, the indicator light will immediately light up:


2.1 When the hand did not encounter the Renyi measurement key, the indicator light turned on and displayed 12V. This value was not allowed;

2.2 When the sensor/breakpoint measuring key is touched by the hand, the indicator light is on and 110V is displayed. This value is not allowed;


2.3 When the hand touches the direct measurement key, the indicator lights lit and display 220V. This value is accurate;


2.4 In summary, when the hand did not encounter any measuring key, once the indicator light is on, it indicates that the fire line of AC 220V, remember!

3. When the direct measurement key is touched by the hand, when the electrical pen is directly exposed to the conductive objects such as the human body, the line, the zero line, the ground wire, the metal, and other conductive objects, the indicator may be on. At this time It shows no voltage.

4. When the induction/breakpoint measurement key is touched by the hand, there are two cases when the electric pen is directly exposed to the detection object:

4.1 The indicator light is on, and 110V is displayed, indicating that there is a line of fire of AC 220V. Remember!

4.2 The indicator light is not on, but the “high -voltage symbol” appears, please refer to 1,2 two points in “indirect detection”.

Third, indirect detection (also known as sensing detection):

1. Induction detection: The INDUCTANCE key (INDUCTANCE) key, the front end of the metal of the electrical pen is approaching (note that it is close, not the direct contact) is detected. If the display screen appears Internal communication electricity.

2. Breakpoint detection: When measuring the wire with a breakpoint, the INDUCTANCE key (INDUCTANCE) key, the front end of the metal of the electrical pen is close (note that it is close, not directly contact) the wire, or directly contact the wire that is directly contacting the wire. In the outer layer of the insulation, if the “high -voltage symbol” disappears, it is the breakpoint here.

3. Use this function to easily distinguish zero and phase lines (increase the distance between the line when measuring the side line). Detect the amplitude and leakage of the microwave.

Fourth, precautions:

1. Hardstone digital display electrical pens buttons do not need to press hard.

2. Do not contact the two measuring keys at the same time during testing, otherwise it will affect the sensitivity and test results.

3. The electric pen is a safe set. In order to ensure safety, you must confirm whether it works normally before use. Before home or factory use, find a charged plug or power supply to test whether the electrical pen is normal. After confirming that it is normal Other goals.

If you use a bad electric pen to measure the charger, then it is likely to shock when you don’t know.