Matching Intelligent Controller 5 RJ45 Self -healing Fiber Circle Ring 10 RS485 Points Competitive Box Mixing and Control

Matching Intelligent Controller 5 RJ45 Self -healing Fiber Circle Ring 10 RS485 Points Competitive Box Mixing and Control

6 HS-6216 boxes of intelligent protection and control device communication function and communication management function:

★ 10 RS485, can be connected to the flow box, inverter, electric meter, etc., and can complete the converting converting

★ 5 Ethernet communication RJ45 port, of which: 2 routes can be reused with the 2 -line light port, 2 Lights port (optional) can be a self -healing fiber optic ring Ethernet network

或 Applicable to: wind power or low -voltage side, photovoltaic split transformer low -voltage side: simulation collection, power/non -electricity protection, distant control and communication. Realize the remote management of wind power or photovoltaic boxes.

开 Communication management plug -in, open plug -in, opening plug -ins, CPU plug -in, communication plug -in, human -machine dialog plug -in, touch the keyboard and LCD display gently. Embedded 5U chassis, inserted and plugged, separated and weakly separated.

The protection function of 6HS-6216:

1) Three -stage zone rejuvenation, timing limit over current (speed break, time -limited speed break, overcurrent)

2) overload (trip/alarm, can be settled)

3) negative sequence overcurrent

4) negative sequence over pressure

5) Zero -sequential passing (check -out/alert, can be settled)

6) Zero -sequential over pressure (the trip/alert can be set)

6 HS-6216’s measurement and control function:

(1) Input AI: 8 current transforms TA, 6 voltage transform TV. 8 TAs change measurement current IA1, IB1, IC1, IA2, IB2, IC2, I01, and I02 in total 8 currents (2 zero -sequential current can be optional); 6 TVs change measurement voltage UA1, UB1, UC1,, UA1, UC1,,, UB1, UC1,,,, respectively UA2, UB2, UC2 total 6 voltage voltage;

(2) Remote test: IA1, IB1, IC1, UA1, UB1, UC1, P1, Q1, COSφ1, F1 and other analog; IA2, IB2, IC2, UA2, UB2, UC2, Q2, COSφ2, F2 and other analog amounts ; 2 The temperature sensor input can be configured to input to PT100 or 4 ~ 20mA, 0 to 20mA, 0 ~ 5V voltage input; 2 roads 4-20mA or 0 to 20mA or 0 ~ 5V voltage input input

(3) Yaoxin DI: 30 Low Remote Credit Opening Volume Collection (the body protection, non -electrical protection, circuit breaker position, etc.)

(4) Remaining pulse: 2 electricity pulse input

(5) Electricity: Higher Electricity, No Electricity

(6) DO DO: 1 of 1 alarm signal, 1 accident signal, 1 out of electricity, 3 -way outlet exit, 3 branches

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