What kind of display rack is appointed? High value and convenience are the most important

The display rack is well selected. The milk powder, clothing, toys, etc. of the maternal and infant products shop can be displayed very regular and can attract customers’ attention.


What kind of display rack is applauding? I think it looks good and convenient! With many years of experience in opening a store, I will choose a good reputation. It is best to use it by people around me, so it is not easy to step on the mine. This is the display rack from Jiayoucheng.

Its face value is really good, it is a classic atmospheric design. The simple style can be integrated into any shop! Not only is it high, but it also plays a superposition effect of adding glory. It is a original wood with iron design. Guests are also more acceptable to this style!

And it is very convenient to use. The form of a single combination can choose the single type of the actual need, and it will not buy a lot of space, which is convenient to reasonably plan the location of the display rack. Its accessories can also be replaced freely. According to the commodity or other special placement methods, choose the appropriate accessories, worry -free and effort.


The bottom of it can also be equipped with drawers for storage of goods so that you don’t need to run the warehouse repeatedly when adding the product. At the top, you can also select light boxes or advertising paintings for publicity, but leave the place where it is placed and put some large products, such as children’s cars or in the bedding, which is also very suitable.