Ten days after the death of a solitary writer, he was discovered after ten days.

Ten days after the death of a solitary writer, he was discovered after ten days.

Text | Daily Character Gundam Zhang Zihan Li Hanqin Editor Wang Hui

“His people are like a pen name, and they have a petty intelligence. That is, he taught me to drink whiskey and use the pot to make coffee, and he also discussed the plot of the novel enthusiastically.

The screenwriter “Dance Dance Demon” on August 23 was one of the hundreds of mourning. The mourning protagonist’s Weibo “Liu Jiajun_Ne’s Night in the Grand” stayed forever on August 12.

On the evening of August 23, Liu Jiajun, a writer of the pseudonym “night in the grid”, was lifted out of Room 2005, who lived alone for more than 2 years. He was 39 years old, and he was a web in his mouth during his lifetime. In 1999, at the first new concept composition contest, he and Han Han won the first prize.

Writer “Night in the Graph”/Picture Source Network

On the day of being lifted, it was not the final day of Liu Jiajun’s life. On August 12, a message in the WeChat group, the two photos of the circle of friends, and the 8 reposted Weibo reposted in the world became his last trace in the world. After 10 days, he was discovered and had no breath.

Due to living alone, no one knows the details of Liu Jiajun’s departure except the stink of the corpse in the corridor and the sudden death of the heart disease.

But Liu Jiajun, who lives alone, is not lonely -there are too many people like him. According to statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, there are currently more than 200 million single adults in China, of which 77 million are living alone. In addition, the number of solitary people aged 20 to 39 is close to 20 million.

Under the topic of “living alone”, there are 1,457 topics, and those who pay attention to the topic are nearly 30,000 “Liu Jiajun” -The people who once live alone, are about to live alone, or live alone.

In the discussion on the Internet, some of the recipes, some show life; some share the list of self -entertainment, and some provide self -defense experience; some tell the benefits of living alone: ​​”For me, the beauty of living alone, the beauty of living alone, The two words are summarized and clean. “Some also talk about the loneliness of living alone:” The noise of the Mid -Autumn Festival party on the TV came upstairs, and I pushed the room door to be empty living room. “

In order to enter the small world of the young people who live alone, the daily characters talked with nearly 10 people living alone. There are 27 -year -old girls who have lived alone for 12 years, doctors studying abroad in Japan, bloggers who recorded their lives through videos, girls who were afraid of a person who installed four locks for a person because they were afraid of a person, and there were also bleak marriages. Cat raised.

They are all one, but everyone has their own small world and enjoying different lives.

The following is the orally of the resident–

“If it wasn’t really decided to get married, I would choose to live alone”

(Xuan Xuan, live alone for 6 years, Hangzhou)

Living alone is a shelter. When you are in a bad mood, you can choose to drink yourself at home, cry yourself, and venting alone. Don’t let others see that I am not very good.

Although the rent has doubled, it feels more free, and I do whatever I want to do at home. For example, asking a boyfriend to come and play, don’t worry about being noisy to others, you can put music by yourself, and so on. It is daily daily life to cook, set takeaway, watch movies, and play games.

I am single now, but I never want to live with my boyfriend. If it wasn’t really decided to get married, I would still choose to live alone.

I am 89 years old, and there are all kinds of people around me. Some people have gone to elementary school, and they are the same as me.

But none of the people who married were really happy. Husbands have nothing to take care of their children, mother -in -law, and maintaining a lot of relationships. Either family or economical, anyway, there will be relatively large pressure. I think, wow, so annoying.

I broke up with the previous boyfriend because of marriage. He wanted to get married, I didn’t want to get married. After many times, patience was worn out. He was under pressure to read blogs, and I couldn’t give full attention. To be honest, I broke up a lot. The last period of time was painful. He broke up, and I immediately deleted him, a little relieved.

This experience makes me even more important to family and others, and I can live well alone.

I raised two cats, proud and coquettish, and I would call me when I got home from get off work, and I would give my family feel. There must be loneliness, but this loneliness is not accompanied by no one around. But after a certain age, there will be fewer and fewer friends who go out to play, basically they are spiritual loneliness. I will refuse the meal now, and I seem to prefer a person than lively.

A person will talk to himself, “I feel that I have a low desire”

(Japanese students, live alone for 4 years, Osaka)

I am a doctorate in Japan and is also a solitary resident.

Living alone in Japan is common, and the environment of the entire country is suitable for one person. Basically, every restaurant has a seat for a person to eat alone, a karaoke box with a seat … friends around you are also alone.

When I first arrived in Japan, I was studying in the preparatory course in Tokyo, and I had a short -term lease life for a short period of time. The house is two bedrooms and one living room, but the Japanese house is separated by that kind of sliding door. It is very thin and no sound. It can be heard clearly in the room.

Tokyo’s rent is too expensive. It takes about 6,000 yuan in one bedroom. It can’t afford it. Later, when I went to Osaka to study, I found a 30 -square -foot single apartment with only 3,000 yuan for rent.

So far I have lived alone in this house for 4 years. When I first came in, I felt that everything was very good. I don’t need to worry about disturbing or disturbed. For a while, I was particularly indulgent. I was extremely irregular. I had to sleep at noon every day at noon.

It ’s about three or four months. It’ s a little annoying. I feel that everything is myself, and no one will accompany you. Once I sprained my feet, I was going to the hospital, and I could only slowly support the stairs downstairs myself, and then took a taxi to the hospital. At that time, I thought that if I was in China, my roommate would definitely go with you. But that is a moment, because you know clearly that you can only rely on yourself now.

Common living space/picture source network in Japan

I want to find something for myself. During that time, I studied cooking every day, and I went to the app as Chinese food, red -roasted meat, spicy chicken, yellow chicken, and dumplings and buns. After finishing, take a picture on social networking sites and wait for others to like or comment, so you will feel that you finally have communication with the outside world.

I also bought a guitar specifically. This is a new skill developed after cooking. I practiced the video on YouTube at home, but just played it, and the guitar was gray soon.

I also made friends. But the entire atmosphere of Japan, everyone is friends with each other, and they will not be as polite as friends in the country. They are a kind of safe communication distance and will not intervene in the other person’s private life.

I read the liberal arts. Most of the time, I read the literature and check the information in the laboratory. I rarely talked with people. I met at most in the school and greeted them. At home, I won’t say a word for a day. Later, I do n’t know what, I will talk to myself a little, inexplicably voicing, “It’s so hot today”, “I’m so tired”.

No way, you can only force yourself to accept this way, accept loneliness, and life. If you are not academic or sick, your mood will collapse a little, and you ca n’t stand it. But it is also difficult for me to have the courage to find someone to rent together. Now let me live in a room with others, I will feel resisting.

Some writers in Japan have written a book called “Low Desire Society”, saying that Japan is now in a “low desire society”. (Living alone) Over time, I feel like a “low desire” youth, and it doesn’t matter if you slowly become everything. This feeling is unclear, it seems that there is nothing to attract your interest anymore.

Suddenly dying alone, what is discovered in the future, in fact, Japanese news often appears. After watching it for a long time, I didn’t feel much. Just like the earthquake often happened here. For the first time, I was very scared. After experiencing a lot, I was used to it.

I will not give up living alone, even if I sometimes lonely and lonely. Because I feel that it is much easier to overcome the problem of being alone than the disadvantages, and it is much easier to overcome the problem of co -renting with others, because it is a matter of overcoming a single person, and it is a matter of two people to overcome the rent with others.

Send your own live video on station B, and there is also a “cloud friend”

(Pineapple, live alone for one and a half years, Qingdao)

In March last year, I started uploading my “Live Life” series of videos on station B. I did not expect it to be quite popular. The first playback volume was nearly 600,000, which was the highest playback volume in all my videos.

I have never understood why there are so many people watching. This 5 -minute video is actually very trivial. The contents include the takeaway I ordered, the neat trash can downstairs, the sea outside the window, a big dog encountered on the roadside … it is not even a big dog on the road … The clear theme is a record of my daily life. It may be my ordinary life. Let everyone have some resonance. Have some feelings of accompanying and developing life?

Pineapple’s video and message “Cloud Friends”

It has been a year and a half to live alone, and I have not got rid of the idea of ​​living alone. Sometimes I am envious of those who live with good friends. Someone leaves the lights overtime. Some people can help them in the courier. You can go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables on the weekend.

I do n’t want my negative emotions to be seen and deal with it alone. Instead, there are little things around me. I want someone to share with me. This is why the VLOG began to shoot VLOG later. From 2017 to the present, compared to those beautiful bloggers, I don’t need to look good or talents. I just live and grow step by step and be encouraged by many people.

I also have some negative things. (But) I have more warm hearts I get from the fans, and even some of the “cloud friends” who have paid more attention to me for a long time. I can accurately distinguish my two twin dogs with the photos. Friends can’t tell.

These “cloud friends” have become part of my living alone. I spend a lot of time watching the video comments and barrage almost every day, and then reply to everyone. Someone will share my current situation to me, and will also ask me some questions that hesitate to tangled. Chatting with them, like chatting with friends, it is rare to get the trust of strangers.

One day after getting home from get off work, I saw the zipper of a girl walking in front of it. When she passed her, she reminded it and found that she was concerned about my cloud friend. After chatting for a while, I found to work in the same park. From the two -dimensional to three -dimensional instant, there was a feeling of a dimensional wall.

If you are not alone, you must be embarrassed to cry in the shared space with my personality. You can’t grow up with your dogs, let alone learn new talents and shoot videos in front of a group of roommates. The free environment entertains friends, come to be a guest to be a guest … so when you are single, living alone is really good.

After the alarm, I added 4 locks to the door

(Weiliang, living alone for half a year, Shanghai)

I have never felt lonely. I have made almost all the tables that have been uploaded online, and I have done it almost. One person ate hot pot, eat two people, and go to the hospital and watch a zero -point movie. He didn’t feel very lonely. I am single now, but I have a fixed sexual partner. We meet regularly, open the house, and go home. Sometimes I go shopping and watching movies like couples, but I won’t take him home, which belongs to me.

In February this year, I ended the shared lease and began to live alone. In the past, I never tried to live alone. The first job of college dormitory is the employee dormitory. Several people live in a house, carefully, always afraid of disturbing others.

After living myself, I felt that I finally had my own small space and small world. In this range, I wanted to do what. I also raised three cats. Before my parents always opposed it, no one cared about it now. The three cats do whatever they want to do at home.

Outside, you have to put different faces in the face of different people and speak different people, but what do you love at home? If you want to speak, do n’t want to talk, my cat also loves me.

Unmoto cat/picture source respondent

There are also bad living alone, after all, there are only one girl and three cats at home. When renting, I always feel that there is a partner across the wall, and I will not feel scared, but when I am alone, even if the aunt who swept the floor accidentally touched the door, I would hold my breath and pay attention to the movement outside the door.

When I get home from get off work, the switching door is very “fast”. As soon as the elevator door was opened, the key turned around and walked to the door. The key was directly aligned with the keyhole, the rotation was unlocked, the door was opened, and the body quickly hid in the door. Playing games at home will also use unilateral headsets to listen to sound effects, and pay attention to the movement outside the door.

On one occasion, the power outage at night was faintly heard that there seemed to be a prying sound outside the door, and someone continued to move around. At that time, it was still raining outside, scaring, and reported to the police. After the police came, no problem was found, but it was always attentive.

Later, I added three locks to the door. In addition to the original lock that originally came with, I also added two different styles of insert locks and a pocket electronic lock. Before going to bed at night, you have to check it again and again, and the four locks are locked, so you dare to go to sleep. A person who could have nothing would be forced to grow up at once, and tears could not solve any problems.

But even so, the happiness and freedom of living alone are far more greater than these fearful moments. My cat should think so. At least, the rooms after my outs are all of them. Wardrobes, beds, tables, washing machines are their playgrounds.

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