Come on acne cream evaluation

Come on acne cream evaluation

8 Das acne ointment experience [spread hands] [spread hands]

1️⃣ The strongest king

Oumu Mu cold compress gel -various acne

I have used this gel for more than a year, and the effect of acne is not very good! It is the gentleness in the small ointment I have used. During my aunt, when I was too spicy, I wiped it up to suppress my desire to squeeze acne! It’s really faster than my auntie! Apply twice a day, and it took three or four days. What makes me most heartwarm is that it does not need to avoid light compared to Banzai ~ I want to wipe it, and I can completely pull out the root for inflammation!

2️⃣ Supreme Xingyao

Papu Ping Skin Cream -Acne Seal

People like me, people with a large nerve bar, took a circle of black acne marks on my mouth every time, and others thought I had a beard! At that time, my sister bought several scar removal cream to apply stretch marks, and finally it really faded a lot. I took her left to lighten the acne marks. They all wiped a thin layer before going to bed. The acne marks were a lot lit for a few days in a row! I can’t see it now

3️⃣ Eternal Diamond

Gydrochloride eye cream -fat particles

Before the eyelids suddenly grew several fat particles, when I made up, I always seemed to be unclean eyes. Later, my mother turned out to me and I was wiped out for me, and I felt oil. I wiped it for about a week.

4️⃣ Respecting platinum

Ada Palin Gel -closed mouth acne

The densely closed mouth on the chin and wanted to pull it out, Adapolin satisfied my wish! It is milder than vitamin, and it can inspire all acne with deep skin. It has light sensitivity! You can just get it at night

5️⃣ Glory Gold

Metronidazole gel -blackhead

The effect of mites blackheads is praised! My skin is a typical large oil skin. I have used a lot of blackheads, not only without pores, but thicker. After applying metronidazole, I felt a bit dry at first, but after washing my face the next day, I can see that the nose is much cleaner.

6️⃣ Continue silver

Korean silicone gel -universal scar removal

The secret weapon of the fairy does not leave scars, which may be as good as the effect of acne marks, but it is nice for micro -neat, surgical scars, and scars. There was no trace of surgery at all. Last time my roommate was going to go to the remaining half of the touches, and said that my thief was easy to use.

7️⃣ Stubbin

Ban Sai -red and swollen acne

The irritation is a large ointment. I am using it, like a thin -skinned girl, I feel a little tingling or red. However, it is still good for pure red and swollen acne. It is not antibiotic without hormones ~ There is no drug tolerance, it is returned to the bronze paragraph.

8️⃣ Plastic black iron

Vitamin B6 ointment -closed mouth

I bought it once and was thrown into the corner! It may be the reason for my skin, and the acne was wiped out for three days. After a long time, there are side effects, and the skin will turn black.

Finding the ointment that suits you is simply saving your face in the acne period ~

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