Welcome to Astan Mansion and start a elegant and exquisite Staycation in the Magic Capital

Welcome to Astan Mansion and start a elegant and exquisite Staycation in the Magic Capital

“Welcome to Asto Mansion.” For a long time, the Ruji Hotel brand has always been the white moonlight in countless hotels, and countless celebrities have been staying. There are so many luxury brands, why is the Rocky Hotel so popular. This time I chose to start a Staycation at the Jingan Ruiji Hotel, Shanghai to find an answer in my heart.

Hotel design

Hundred years of precipitation, elegant and exquisite

Each site of Ruji is extremely special, and the Ruiji Hotel, Shanghai is no exception. As a high -end series of Marriott’s high -end hotels, the Jing’an Ruiji Hotel in Shanghai is located in the core area of ​​Jing’an District. Countless possibilities. Ten minutes walking is a well -known attraction in Jing’an Temple and Bund, which is the first place to explore the magic capital.

Driving through the downtown center, the appearance of the New York atmosphere of the New York in the Jing’an Ruiji Hotel in Shanghai broke into my sight. The Li Bin Department was already waiting at the door. They were ready to take over their luggage at any time. They gave me an extraordinary check -in experience. Entering the hotel, under the brilliant crystal chandelier, he instantly turned into a celebrity elegant, feeling the charm of the Asto mansion, and rushed to a grand feast.

Elegant and exquisite is the core of the hotel’s design. After accumulating a century, the Jing’an Ruiji Hotel in Shanghai once again showed in front of the world with a luxurious attitude. The elements are cleverly integrated, the two complement each other, and it is harmonious in all corners of the hotel.

Under the leadership of Libin personnel, go to the independent front desk to apply for check in. One -to -one service is a major intimate manifestation of Ruji, which protects the travelers who live in the stay, and the guests are sitting on a comfortable sofa check in. But, as kind and comfortable as going home. Walking in the hall, as if in a museum with a lot of collections, every corner is displayed with valuable artworks. From the west to the east, from classical to modern, all dazzling light blooms under crystal lights.

It is perceived from the day to night at the Ruji Hotel around the world. I experienced a champagne at the Jing’an Rich Hotel. The Ruji Bar on the side of the hotel will open a “night in ceremony” with a sense of ritual when the lantern is on the first time. In the alternation of music and the transformation of the lights, quickly break the champagne with a horse knife, with slightly stunned stubbornly The alcohol has also added a retro atmosphere to the rotating stairs hidden in the Ruji Bar. At this point, the Ruiji Hotel in Shanghai has entered its own night.


Sinking in the dream created by Chinese and European -style

Resting is the most enjoyable moment during the journey. This time I stayed in the hotel’s administrative sky landscape room. The huge floor -to -ceiling window of 180 ° also emerged from the front landscape of Shanghai with the automatic development of the curtains. The simplicity Nordic style is decorated with the Morandi color system, making the wide room that was originally more scale. The soft and comfortable bedding is a prerequisite for having a high -quality sleep.

The luxurious luxury of the Jing’an Ruiji Hotel, Shanghai is not only superficial, but the details are moving. The washing table specially created for the ladies occupy a third of the room. What surprised me even more was the hotel’s clouds on the clouds, overlooking the magnificent puzzles overlooking Shanghai in the comfortable bath liquid.

Chinese design also exists in many corners of the hotel room, with dark lines on the pillow buckle, with embroidered curtain box carpets, strong Chinese retro and European style perfectly fusion, step -by -style bright wardrobe design, and humanized design. It also adds a lot to the journey.

Switzer service

Tailor -made intimate luxury time

The exclusive “Allow Me” housekeeper service of the Rocky Hotel has been the iconic service of the Rocky Hotel for more than 100 years. Each housekeeper will provide tailor -made exclusive services in accordance with your taste and preference. This time, staying in the Jing’an Ruiji Hotel in Shanghai, there is no need to worry about clothing, food, housing, and transportation. The housekeeper will do his best to arrange properly for each passenger who stays.

This time, I also experienced the intimate luxury time of tailor -made and intimate extravagance of Shanghai Jing’an Ruiji Hotel. When I was slowly awakened by the sun in the early morning of Shanghai, the exquisite service belonging to the Jing’an Ruiji Hotel in Shanghai has also buckled the door. The clothing has been sent to the room through the housekeeper, and the whole process does not need to do it by itself. It is neatly coded into the wardrobe. The beautiful day was opened by the intimate service of Shanghai Jinganreji Hotel.


Enjoy the feast of the melodious music

The beauty of serving at dusk also sinks the deliciousness of three meals a day. The Jing’an Ruiji Hotel in Shanghai uses delicious and welcome every traveler. The hotel has a total of five catering venues to inherit classic cooking food and cleverly integrate into Shanghai local area. Features brings a feast on the tip of the tongue for the guests from afar.

The show restaurant is decorated with Jingdezhen porcelain and traditional food as a bridge. A rich category of buffet restaurants will be created. The restaurant will launch the delicious food of the season according to different seasons. Do not miss the restaurant’s seafood buffet every night. Crab, Australia and Niu and other global maritime and land precious ingredients will be staged in turns. There will also be wonderful jazz bands to perform on the spot to take you to a audiovisual feast while satisfying every taste cell.

Every time the Jing’an Ruiji Hotel, Shanghai is like a medieval noble. Afternoon tea located in the leisure gallery is a tradition of the hotel. Light, the surrounding walls are inlaid with famous paintings from all over the world. The dark green leather sofa is an embellishment of noble spirit. It perfectly echoes the Phnom Penh dessert rack on the table, all of which are showing the luxurious texture of the hotel.

Through the floor -to -ceiling windows, the vision is perfectly seen in the green wildlife. The ingenuity of the Ruji dim sum is hidden in the dessert, from salty to desserts, from the color matching to a rich taste. Moreover, the afternoon tea party at Jing’an Ruiji Hotel, Shanghai often co -branded with various brands. I drink it with the Bentley brand this time. When two luxury brands with a century -old history have met, the celebrities are fully interpreted by the British leisure and flying and flying. Extraordinary afternoon tea experience with charm.

British snacks with dual online and tastes. In addition to busy work, you may wish to go to the leisurely and leisurely afternoon to enjoy your body and mind. Moreover, the afternoon tea at Jing’an Ruiji Hotel, Shanghai often co -branded with various brands, showing an extraordinary afternoon tea experience for celebrities.

Misty time

Open a modern journey in the micro

The sense of ritual of Shanghai Jing’an Ruiji Hotel still exists from the transformation of the day to night. The most classic is the “Twilight Time” of the hotel, leading guests to feel a rare quiet and wonderful moment with a slight atmosphere. The sunset rose, and the guests slowly relaxed, enjoying the superb fancy bartending performances of the bartender, and opened the pastime time.

Listening to the retro old song, experience the fashion of the old Shanghai in the Ricky Bar, the classic modern elements are fully in line with the music, and the red sofa adds a retro charm. Bloody Mary with local characteristics, this is also the most anticipated drink I am looking forward to this trip. On the basis of the original basis, fresh ingredients such as osmanthus and figs in Shanghai. Under the influence of wine, they show their own refreshing taste. The band’s performance slowly tastes.

I have enjoyed an unprecedented leisure time at the Jing’an Rich Hotel, Shanghai. The sense of ritual is a symbol of its exquisiteness, creating a unforgettable and charming experience for me. Only when you really experience the Anster Mansion can you feel its charm. Toast, respect the unlimited gentle year.






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