Supreme honor is deserved

Supreme honor is deserved

Most Popular Wooden Furniture Brand Temple Temple

Reasons for awards

It is difficult to get brilliant achievements overnight. For fifty years, it is even more difficult to maintain the top of the trend, but the heavenly altar has done it. Big in the heart of the customer.

Create a brand 50 years. Beijing Tiantan Co., Ltd. has a history of 50 years. As one of the largest furniture companies in China, no matter how the market changes in the market in the past 50 years, Temple has always developed with a stable situation and has achieved remarkable results. The profound corporate cultural heritage has achieved no honor in Beijing Temple today.

Market demand is fundamental. The survival and development of the enterprise is the market, or the customer’s demand. In different development periods, under different external environmental conditions, they can accurately grasp the needs of the market, and constantly adjust their resource allocation according to market demand. Adjustment around market demand has been recognized by customers, and sales revenue has also increased steadily.

The five major advantages “Optimus Prime”. After decades of exploration and accumulation, Tiantan Furniture has gradually formed its own five major advantages: First, the advantages of green environmental protection, the first to pass the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO14025 III environmental logo certification. The second is the comprehensive development advantage. The design concept of Tiantan Company is leading, with complete products, and can independently undertake large -scale furniture supporting projects. Third, the quality advantage of the product, the company places the quality of the product in the company’s first place. The fourth is the advantages of technical equipment, and new manufacturing technologies are continuously introduced, and technology and equipment are in the leading position of the industry. Fifth, brand advantages, Temple of Temple has become a national honor such as “China’s famous trademark” and “national inspection products”. (Ma Hongyan)


Most competitive furniture brand Dawn

The competitiveness of Dawn’s corporate enterprise is not only reflected in the increase in market share, but also in terms of team building, production equipment renewal, and research and development investment. Such companies have unlimited potential.

Cultivate superior talents. As a professional office furniture production and sales company, Liming Company has trained a team with good professional knowledge and sales experience. Its team has a strong sense of responsibility, can provide customers with professional construction with furniture configuration, and can better implement the company’s consultant marketing sales concept.

Professional focus on development. In the case of continuous segmentation of the market, focusing on professionalism means professionalism, and quality is the prerequisite for winning the market. With many years of professional experience, Liming has focused on the improvement of the office environment, its performance has continued to rise, and has accumulated rich professional skills and can meet various requirements.

Continuously meet individual needs. There are four sub -factories under dawn: solid wood furniture branch, plate furniture branch, chair sofa branch, screen branch. The products are rich, especially in office furniture, and different grades are targeted at different markets. Dawn’s product line is also long, and different products are combined to meet personalized requirements.

Leading consumption with R & D. With the improvement of the quality of life and the improvement of the office environment, the office furniture has more requirements from style design to raw materials. Therefore, after a market research on the office method, office habits, and changes in the office environment, Liming invests funds into the research and development of new office furniture. Essence

The process is precise and detailed. Liming Company abandoned the traditional hand workshop processing and re -selected the process to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, improve material utilization rate, and reduce waste and reduce costs. The cost is reduced, the price has advantages, and sales have risen, and the customer is eventually affordable. The process of this “one stone and three birds” is precise and refined, which is the trend of the development of furniture companies in the future. (Li Xiaodan)

Best Environmental Furniture Brand Yangtze River

As an important force affecting the government’s procurement pattern of furniture, the Yangtze River is optimistic about environmental protection industries and attaches importance to green products. As a leading enterprise in the industry, it will inevitably promote the green process of the entire industry.

Challenge has repeatedly created the “first”. The Yangtze River Furniture launched the first leather chair in mainland China; the first promise of “five -year product quality guarantee” in Changjiang furniture; the first batch became a comprehensive supporting enterprise of consultant -style office furniture; the first one began to create “environmentally friendly furniture” ” Enterprise; the first slogan of “environmental protection technology”.

Frequent awards. The Yangtze River brand showed extraordinary strength, and successively won the title of “International Furniture and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition”, “trustworthy enterprises” and “keeping contracts and heavy credit enterprises”. Peking University’s “Outstanding Education Contribution” award, Guangzhou International Furniture Expo “Booth Design” Gold Award, “Yangtze River (Wood Furniture)) Certificate of Main Harm Materials is less than national standards”, China III -type environmental logo certificate, “industry contribution” award, The title of “FIGen of the State Administration of Management”, “the most influential Shenzhen well -known brand”, “AAA -level quality credit enterprise in China”, “Export Advanced Enterprise” and other titles.

Adhere to the brand of the brand. The Yangtze River has always been unremittingly taking the brand. Twenty years have passed, the image of the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River culture, and the spirit of the Yangtze River have moved many customers and received their recognition and support. In the future, the Yangtze River will focus on creating a technology, environmentally friendly, and practical mid -to -high -end office and hotel furniture, and on the basis of the original sales network Available, R & D standardized, capital diversification, and refined management of furniture -based furniture group companies that coexist in various industries. (Ma Hongyan)

Best independent innovation furniture brand China Resources Limit

China Resources Limita took the lead in the banner of independent innovation and has more than 40 patented products. This newly innovative emerging force cannot be underestimated.

Promote independent innovation industries. Independent innovation is a hot topic in the whole society, and it is also the focus of the furniture industry. The future of independent innovation is bright, but the thorns leading to the bright road. China Resources Lozhi also hesitated because the Chinese market could not be determined to accept independent innovative products. However, enterprises must develop for a long time, seek long -term benefits, and innovate independently. After experiencing storms and setbacks, they first tasted the sweetness of the fruit of victory.

Innovative management. China Resources Limit has always worked hard to promote the innovative project of the product, and the fish head screens and other products they produce are already at the leading level in China. So far, China Resources has more than 40 patented products, which is quite good for furniture companies. The independent innovation of China Resources Opinity is increasingly increasing.

China Resources Lochie’s customers have a wide range of coverage, including government procurement projects, foreign -funded enterprise projects and market retail projects. This is also one of the strategies of enterprise development. The business experience in different fields can learn from each other. Carry out.

(Ma Hongyan)

The most popular steel furniture brand Jetta

I do n’t know how to explore, and the inconsistent interests, many “bold” measures in Tianjin Jetta show this iron cabinet giant unparalleled courage, courage and vision.

Casting the integrity brand. After more than ten years of hard work, Jetta Iron Cabinet has formed a unique professional system from design, production, technology, and industrial chain to services. “Buying an iron cabinet, looking for Jetta” is the voice of the market. “Mind is Jetta, accomplishing everyone” is the evaluation of users. Quality and services are the long -term pursuit of Jetta Iron Cabinet.

Do the first thought of the product. No matter what time the user buys steel furniture products, Jetta never refuses once it needs to be replaced, maintenance locks, or damaged parts. In the service of Jetta Iron Cabinet, the concept of “user demand is not small” is gradually formed. The purpose is that when customers have iron cabinets, they will think of Jetta as soon as possible.

The stone of its mountains can attack jade. The development history of steel furniture in foreign countries is far earlier than domestic, and there are many references in terms of product design and technology. At present, the proportion of domestic steel furniture procurement accounts for the total number of furniture procurement markets is small, but with people’s understanding of the sustainable development concept of environmental protection, green, and energy conservation, steel furniture will occupy a large proportion of the market. Tianjin Jetta has made such foresight and started to implement it strategically to pave the way for the arrival of steel furniture spring.

The best cost -effective furniture brand Aoweia

In market activities, the more cost -effective consumers’ attention points. In the field of government procurement, the price -performance ratio of Avilian Asia has become the key considerations when the bidding centers conduct bidding centers.

Professional team guarantees professional quality. Avihuanya is committed to the professional production of office furniture, and has introduced a large number of advanced production equipment and technology from Italy, Belgium and other countries. Aviluanya has a large number of professional and technical talents. It is based on the characteristics of ergonomic engineering as the production concept. Based on genuine raw materials, it is manufactured by fine work and checks on quality inspection.

The full service icing on the cake. Avitia is committed to providing enterprises with comprehensive pre -sales, middle -selling, and after -sales service. Pre -sale, provide customers with free consulting services for design, matching, etc.; during sale, performing commitments to customers and providing customers with intimate high -quality services; after -sales Come loss.

Prepare for sustainable development. On the basis of the current development of the enterprise, Avitia provides users with professional computer design such as 3D and CADs, increasing investment in green environmental protection products, and creating fast transportation links and professional installation services. The user is “God” and the quality of the regard is the “life”. (Ma Hongyan)

Best service furniture brand Foshan Zhongtai

The competition in the furniture market has reached the level of heat, and the company finally bought is not a product but a service. A complete after -sales service system can better reflect corporate strength and reputation.

The product is monitored throughout the process. Sales Center Huitong Production Technology Department, Quality Management Department, Procurement Department, and after -sales service Center, each production workshop conducts contract review, comprehensively understand the required product materials, color, and functions, and produces according to the sealed drawings. The production process is strictly implemented in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 quality system to ensure product quality.

Free five -year warranty. From the date of acceptance, the free quality warranty period for five years will be provided. During the warranty period, the products or accessories that have quality problems that occur in the need for quality problems will be repaired for free. , Parts fee, on -site service fee, transportation fee. The after -sales center specially established this batch of office furniture after -sales service groups. The group arranged a special person to explain the use function and maintenance rules of the product; conduct inspections and maintenance every three months, and conduct comprehensive inspections and maintenance of systems every year.

Arrive at the scene 24 hours. After receiving the telephone or fax required by the after -sales service, the relevant personnel arrived at the scene within 24 hours. If the problem was seriously solved in a short time, a written interpretation and clearly resolved the time. After the cargo is installed, the plastic film is protected, and the former sent personnel will be used for a comprehensive cleaning service. The products provided, tracked after -sales service for life. (Li Xiaodan)

Reasons for awards

Reasons for awards

Reasons for awards

Reasons for awards

Reasons for awards

Reasons for awards





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