What is the use of car pads, is it necessary to buy expensive car pads?

What is the use of car pads, is it necessary to buy expensive car pads?

The cost -effective is king! The main role of car foot pads is to non -slip and keep the car clean, which is second.

Main consideration to buy car foot pads

Delieving, dirt -resistant, safe, environmental protection, and aesthetics

These aspects, and these are mainly

The material and design of the car pad.

Let’s talk about the material of the car pad.

The car pads on the market are mainly divided into::

Chemical fiber pads, silk ring pads, PVC foot pads, rubber foot pads, full surrounding foot pads and TPE foot pads

Wait. The advantages and disadvantages of different materials of different materials are also different.

1. Leather foot pad:

The main feature of leather foot pads is that it is paved in the high -end atmosphere in the car, and the cost -effectiveness is high, but it is not as good as the staining and water absorption.

2. Rubber foot pad:

The advantage is

Resistance and easy cleaning

The disadvantage is that there is

Strange taste, easy to slide

Essence People used to like the rubber foot pad, but in the process of use, I found that

Rubber foot pads are slippery

It is not safe, plus a strange smell, so it is slowly eliminated by the market.

3. Plush foot pad:

feature is

Good -looking, more comfortable to use

,that is

Not resistant, not easy to clean

Essence Some female drivers will use it, and the market is not the mainstream.

4, linen foot pad:

This kind of foot pad can be said to be the cheapest. Most of them are the foot pads sent when buying a car. They are not resistant to dirt and waterproof. They will be changed after a while. The market is not popular, but the price is very low.

5. Full surrounding silk feet:

The full surrounding wire pad is a more popular car pad in recent years. It is mainly made of environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing. Its characteristics are

Environmental protection, durable, non -toxic and harmless, full surround

Essence The design elements are more user -friendly, and I personally recommend the type of foot pads.

The second is the design of the car pad, first of all, consider safety

That is, the design of the foot pad must be guaranteed

No driving operation in the driver’s driving process in the vehicle

For example, some foot pads are relatively smooth, and some foot pads cover the brakes and throttle. These foot pads design has hidden safety hazards.

Let ’s take a few analysis. You can take a look!


Auto foot pads all surrounds double -layer leather wire rot car pads

The leather of this foot pad is resistant to dirty and non -slip resistance. The version of the car is good in the car. It will not cover the throttle brake. Although the single layer is beautiful and generous, individuals recommend double -layer, which is more resistant to cleaning and cleaning.

2. Leather+fluff full surround car pad

The face value and force of this car pad are high. In addition to the visual honor of cashmere foot pads, the foot feel is also soft and comfortable. At the same time, the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction is more prominent. The price is high and the price / performance ratio is not suitable.

3. Devices of formaldehyde car pads

In addition to the formaldehyde foot pad, use the de -formaldehyde factor material as a wire ring pad. Long -term use has the effect of removing formaldehyde and purifying the air in the car.

5. Michelin TPE environmental car pad

Michelin’s quality and quality control need not be said. If there are pregnant women and children in the family, this TPE material is strongly recommended. TPE material S is a infant -level material, which is characterized by environmental protection and odorlessness, and the flame retardant effect is better. The surface of the foot pad is not easy to penetrate, and it is also convenient to clean up. The disadvantage is that the color is single, the design is very simple and practical, and it seems that there is no sense of high -level leather, but the material of the foot pad itself is durable, easy to rinse, and cost -effective. You can choose by yourself.

The above is how to choose the car pad and which good purchase suggestion. If you think it is helpful for you to buy a car pad, remember to like the collection and roar ~ (Part of the picture in this article comes from the Internet invasion)

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