Mother’s plain shoes

Everyone has a nostalgic complex.

Yesterday’s memory, like a faded movie poster, staying permanently in an era.

I am in the childhood, whenever I follow the mother-in-law’s body, I will first introduce the eye blind, a pair of three-inch golden lotus that is slowly walking forward. Whether she is watering the grass in the vegetable garden, she is cooking at home, she feeds the pig, and she is familiar. So many years later, her small shoes, coat on the buns, and the hair bun after the brain, always in my mind, permanently left under the apricot tree.

She is always in the spring season, chooses a sunny day, sitting under the apricot tree in the backyard, washing her own three-inch Jinlian with hot water. After washing, use a clean wrapper to put your foot, start sewing her pair, like a small cloth shoes of the scorpion.

When she is tipping, she first puts the shoes with the place, which is where they have been filled last year, and the decisions are solidly posted, and then the deepest part is slit, and finally take the shoe’s hole. After completing, put the shoes in the feet, take a few steps, look, look at it, look at it, look at it, see a ceremony. In my impression, such a ritual is always held every spring, and there is always three times to be completed. First, you need to be soaked for a long time, you can take the old scorpion on your feet, wash the dirt of the toe gap, and trim the nails in the flesh. Because it is a seam, it is a three-year shoe, always on the patch overlapping the patch, plus repeated sewing shoes is hard and thick, requires the cone and the needle pull the fit to complete.

Before the 1970s, the women in the countryside will do shoes, simple days, often from a pair of shoes that wear. Whether it is to the neighbor’s top, or in the field of the field, women tend to bring their own needlework, so that during the rest, they will come out and do a while. Easy to bring the needlework to the field to the field, it is the bottom of the nose. At the end of the nap, women tend to learn from each other and secretly compare, see who is more fine, more uniform. In the rainy day of the peer or not in use, they will always gathered in the big tree under the big tree, and they do their shoes, while standing alide.

Compared with the hustle, doing shoes, the nahavis is a fairly laborious job. When the mother is in the face, first with the cone in the sole, a needle eye, then rub the needle with hemp rope or line rope, rub it on the hair, take the thimble, pass through the sole, use the needle pull to pull out, The teeth bite the roots of the rope, so that the sole soles are both really wear. The pin of the sole is arranged in a needle, and there is also a cross-shaped cross-arrangement. It requires uniform strength, fine and neat, across the row. The adaptive sole, you need to put on the wooden pier, gently play with sticks, can be soft. After the sole and the shoes are ready, the upper and lower rows, then use the line rope according to the method of the sole, the cone is a needle eye, and the wire rope is pulled through the needle, pull it out, bitten with teeth.

Single shoes made in the impression, generally tip, round and groom. The model of cotton shoes is relatively single, only a cow nose shoe, we all feel too ugly, wear like an old woman.

Later, with the changes in the times, the mother got a new shoe, intended to use the red corduroy, give me a pair of high-top cotton shoes. That time, whenever I go home, the most important thing is to find my mother, ask the new shoes to do it? Or you have not given me a good job! Whenever I see my mother to do shoes, I am happy to ran over, squatting next to it. Looking at the mother put the cotton in the mezzanine; looking at the big red wickle cotton shoes, there are ears on both sides of the foot; looking at the two ears, each fight four bright eyes; looking at the gas A pair of black shoelaces; looking at the most fashionable shoes that era, being worn by the mother on my feet.

In the childhood, I will always put a hole in the part of the shoes, let the toes stretched out from the shoes. The mother always covers the fingers of my nails, blames: this baby is too fast, and the shoes will take a hole. If you don’t, you have too much money, and kick your shoes out of a hole, look, your big brother came out from the shoes. While blames you, you will make your cave. In that difficult age, there is no extra shoes in the mountains, no matter whether it is a wild cattle, go to the mountain, or put pigs in the field, regardless of sunny rainy days, a pair of shoes. If you go out or have a big rain, you will take your shoes to take your hand, you will walk back with your mud.

Later, the style of shoes is more, not only with the tight mouth and lazy shoes, but also buy the finished plastic or rubber sole in the store, and the family is slightly broadly exhibition, no need to use the sole. Later, with the development of society, people’s living standards have rarely wear handwear shoes, and few people will do hand-free shoes. I can only wear the shadow of the age from the tiger head of the child.

Nowadays, everyone is advocating nature, advocates and pursues traditional culture, and the new cloth shoes can be purchased in the mall at any time. Last winter, I bought a pair of old Beijing cloth shoes cotton boots, the foot sections were black, the upper part was embroidered on the treasure blue satin, which looked in the beauty and elegant, novel and beautiful, can be matched with national costumes, You can also mix and match the fashion trend. So walking on the street or in the mall, women’s eyes are always attracted by this pair of shoes.

The new era of clothing is very good, just less tastes like that year, and there is less the taste of the mother.

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Source: China Youth Daily