Peeled cement candlesticks from the walls

Peeled cement candlesticks from the walls

Dutch designer Merel Bekking started his own design studio while studying product design at the Utrecht Academy of Arts, exploring cutting-edge design concepts. Inspired by the plumbing pipes in the walls, the curved shape of the pipes is associated with the candlesticks, and this candlestick with a strange name “Mr. Fahrenheit” was designed.

“Mr. Fahrenheit” abandoned the original plastic material and replaced it with cement. Brass frame for candles; The shape of nodding and waisting looks very hip-hop.

The designer has designed a series of products in more than a year, but she is more than happy to help Dutch designers build a platform for them to showcase their products. Partnering with Sweatshop Deluxe is a great place to start, where designers’ handmade creations can be quickly converted into mass-produced products.

Product Name:Candlestick “Mr. Fahrenheit”

Product status: Mass production

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