Abandoned sports and leisure style, Lacoste want to become more fashionable

Most Chinese consumers (especially do not care about those news show) impression of the Lacoste crocodile logo in addition to a small chest is its different colored Polo shirts and sportswear, and fashion and it seems there is not much contact. This part because the company using a large number of dealers in China, is another part of this company fashion pace is too slow. However, according to WWD reports, Lacoste will begin in the next year face-lift, with a new image of the show.

Lacoste, the famous Polo shirt is actually not the first to get a seven-year Grand Slam tennis player Rene Lacoste founded in 1933 by the French sports brand Ralph Lauren Polo, but Lacoste. In fact, the latter because it is replicated in the United States Lacoste mode, and then add the American middle-class feelings, was able fortune.

Lacoste early as ten years ago knew the image of aging can not keep pace with the times, in 2005, to launch the ads on youthful design and bright costumes to tell the world they are going to go big younger. In 2001 Christopher Lemaire joined Lacoste beginning, has created a series of Live and Club series aimed at young consumers for the high-end market, and indeed in his tenure of 10 years, Lacoste has put back into the people’s attention.

When Christopher Lemaire left the office Lacoste creative director went to Hermes, Lacoste rejuvenation strategy brought youthful style is still supporting the growth of Lacoste, and creative design director Felipe Oliveira Baptista of today’s style although it has the features, but the basic or let Lacoste Lacoste maintained the original look.

But, the rapid change in the trend of fashion circles, brightly colored Polo shirts and sportswear academic style seems to have gradually been angry. For young consumers, Zara and H & M have such a big range of children’s wear clothing with fast fashion brand, Gap and Uniqlo so comfortable with the basic models and leisure brands, retro trend of American Apparel, as well as Hollister, a & F, Urban Outfitter and the American Eagle brand choice, Lacoste seems somewhat younger so-called “old school” was.

In order to adapt to the new market, Lacoste decided to take drastic measures to reform, but this is no longer carried out on the basis of young sporty on, but to make the brand more fashion.

High quality end product

In order to change the image of the original sports brand, Lacoste casual wear and show the status of the series will gradually replace the flagship store and Lacoste Live sports line in 2010 set up for younger consumers.

“We are a step by step to upgrade our store concept and clothing.” Lacoste CEO José Luis Duran said. “Most of the shops in the future will not see the line of motion and Lacoste Live line, unless it is a large flagship store brand positioning is paramount for me, and I want to fight the high quality of Lacoste.”

Lacoste’s Felipe Oliveira Baptista series is designed to show Lacoste most high-end, but Duran did not want it to appear independent, but want it as part of the Lacoste casual wear.

Store image makeover

Lacoste shop will change the future of bright lights, clear display and simple to style, replaced by frame to create a painting on wood and walls more warm and elegant decor shop.

Strengthen the advantage category

Duran also said that leather goods and footwear categories will show more, because these two categories to double-digit growth is the main driver of brand sales growth.

International expansion strategy

According to 2014 sales data, Japan, Argentina and Turkey, the best performing countries, Russia also closely followed. But the biggest market, the US, Italy and South Korea performed relatively general. But in strategic global expansion, Duran said it would increase 60 stores in China, Russia, France and the United States in 2015.

Long-term use of short-term change

For Lacoste, the United States remains its largest market. But Duran said that future plans to sacrifice part of the revenue to increase investment in brand recognition and reputation.

Increase the proportion of women

抛弃运动休闲风,Lacoste 希望自己变得更时尚

Although Lacoste proportion of women in many countries has reached more than 30%, but still the main men. However, this phenomenon will be the next few years will change. “When men are born Lacoste brand, which is our DNA” Duran said. “But in three or four years time I hope to women’s data to grow 23% to 24%.”

We have introduced a new product line

Innovation is essential reform initiatives, and in the spring of 2015, Lacoste introduced specifically for men’s underwear.

So starting next year, maybe you go to the store will have the illusion of Lacoste in Urban Outfitter store, or say like into the personal style shop Paul Smiths design. But the most anticipated shift ad should be turned into noble glamorous style big range of children, or which star on the red carpet wearing Lacoste attend it.

Figure questions from WWD