2022 open! Japan’s largest creative department stores settled in Taurus

On December 21, it was learned from the Chengdu Jinniu District Business Bureau. After nearly one year of continued follow-up, the ever-inventory of China Headquarters company officially settled in Jinniu District, registered capital of 62 million yuan, realizing the first-known Japanese creative department store chain China.


During the recruitment process, Jinniu set up a project to promote the project, and the proceedings of the leadership of the branching area, the industrial sector, the functional area management committee, the sub-district office and the district state-owned platform company all sent one administrative leadership and staff. Wall chart combat, inverted time nodes, solve problems and difficulties encountered by the project advancement one by one. Actively explore the “investment complement” cooperation model, leverage the leverage of the capital of the country-owned platform company capital, and the regional state-owned platform company is funded by the project special fund. Precision to formulate “one enterprise and one policy”, help projects to be built quickly, Gong Dada. Continuously combing the quality carrier to ensure that the project is left and can root.

It is understood that the TOKYU HANDS is the largest creative department store in Japan, with different types of shops such as Hands Be, Hands Café, Hands Expo, enjoy the title of Japanese creative home department store, handmade enthusiast shopping paradise. . At present, TOKYU HANDS has 52 stores in Japan, and there are 6 overseas stores. The eager hand Childer’s craftsmanship, core categories are cosmetics, stationery and home groceries, etc. In 2020, TOKYU HANDS sales realized 97 billion yen. (District Business Bureau Huang Dafu Stone Xiu Text / Figure)