2021 Hainan aphilogenous sports season opening

Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, September 5 (Zhang Ziran Wang Cunfu) September 4th, 2021 5th Hainan Water Sports Season opened in the public terminal of the National Sailboat Sailing Base of Haikou City, this session Water Hainan, Sports Paradise “is the theme, the scene passed the song and dance performance, short film review, on-site connection, interactive interview, the flag ceremony, the launching ceremony, etc. opened a unique Hainan characteristic hydrophilic sports feast.

The opening ceremony kicked off in the performance of song and dance “good Hainan”. On the stage, wearing a swimsuit, wearing a swimming cap, holding a surfboard, quickly brought the audience into the world of hydrophilic sports. On-site dance is integrated into Hainan, sports, water and other elements, integrated with the natural environment of Haitian. Green ecology, ethnic customs, duty-free shopping, etc. Hainan featured elements run throughout the program.


This session continues to follow the principle of “moon, the theme of the month”, and the key project is divided into four major theme pieces: September, the hydrophilic carnival, October, green water, November, November vitality, 12 Month oil sail. In addition, there is also a unique existing traditional hydrophilic motion project with unique characteristics of each city, providing more experience for citizens. The activity is 4 months, and 46 exciting activities are launched, covering Hainan Province. Compared with previous years, there is more participation in the public, the experience is strong, the experience is strong, the form is diverse, and the content is rich in experience.

After four years of development, the Hainan Department of Water Sports has achieved a leap from a small public to the public, from passive to active, from watching to participation. Hainan tropical coastal island natural ecological resources continue to bloom in the host season, attracting tens of millions of tourists in China and foreign tour, and has become a multi-state integration, and all the people participated in sports tourism consumption events.

This session is hosted by the Hainan Provincial People’s Government, Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports Hall, Hainan Provincial Department of Education, and city county people’s governments.


Source: Xinhua News Agency