In this winter dare lawless men, the closet is not missing this three pants

a new Year

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During this time, leaves a lot to say coat windbreaker jacket style and brand introduction, but forget that men have lower body.

Pants style is the man, “foundation”, to prop up the overall shape of the structure, its importance is self-evident, but the more important things, many people know, the less necessary to “move” it.


Therefore, men’s pants tend to be conservative at first glance are black.


In fact, not surprising, black is the safest, highest real wear resistance, no matter what kind of jacket coat, overhangs and even a slight exaggeration of style, black pants still be able to “stand” live.

Of course, in all these years the media monasteries, blue, white, etc., are also men willing to try a selection of pants.


But, we often see visual fatigue inevitably point that he does not wear readily.

Today, it leaves out these common pants, and then leave you with multi-select, start from the lower body color, the new year will be able to turn the whole street handsome.


Green army men should become another “black.”

It’s low-key “strong” with the same black, can extract the qualitative character of a man, a man who may be outside the black, but requires a safe and secure one color can be upper body when.

Of course, the same pants.

If I have to talk about anything, then dark green pants might not like the way that trousers were thin.

But it also has its advantages.

Even low-key dark green pants, you can always have a sense of color, any time will look very noticeable than black pants, especially in the winter, make your style in the visual impact of more than a layer.

In addition, dark green pants with flexibility is also high.

Although the trousers can be added to any style coat composition may also just “1 + 1 = 2” only, few can have each other echo “resonance.”

The dark green pants, you use different colors to match it, showing the style of perception often quite different, can wear to the effect of “1 + 1> 2”.


When to take a neutral color with dark green pants, as windbreaker coat of camel’s hair, you will feel it’s warm, dark green pants set off the camel coat become more masculine and calm.

And when you’re wearing a jacket with a blue and other cool colors, this time, army green pants color gloss will play a role in your elegant style image becomes cold again, missing the original rough and tough.

This is the charm of dark green pants, do not just think that it is only this kind of style dark green wind limitations,

Adding different colors come in, it will shine in a completely different style atmosphere



Actually not so rare army green pants, casual pants for example Chinos such, in addition to khaki, army green it mostly just Chinos twill material and thin in winter, warmth is not enough.

By contrast, the leaves can recommend sportsman receipt retro green trousers.


Such as the classic “OG-107”, although it has also cotton, but generally have heavy retro trousers, the version is crisp, pure retro color, texture and full, wearing a Qiuku inside can hardly be found.

Uniformed bloggers L.L.Wood described earlier leaves, he will have a lot of interpretation of retro green trousers, a pair of boots used to on foot, while a strong retro flavor, will be a lot of tough.

However, army green pants is not the same as “trousers”, it has some suede or fabric is tweed material models.

Contrast orthodox trousers, these thick waxy materials green pants, not so tough, but tend to have a sharp contrast to the squire, outdoors, style.

When they are used to with a suit or other casual style, more elegant and stylish is also refreshing novelty, good activity.


It should be noted, army green pants always be kept clean and neat more, so it will show a handsome man capable.


And too many folds, dragging the dark green pants, green pants just fills effects can not be in the same category.


The second, corduroy pants.

Corduroy as a “material trends” return is not new, and before it leaves the relevant trends and introduced a single product.


But most of the time as a shirt jacket or suit exist, few people would put it on a separate level of pants to think.


In fact, corduroy pants men absolutely essential wardrobe worth a pair of pants.


This is not just considered from the warmth.


More importantly, its “linear velvet” texture can form a significant difference with most other fabrics pants on the most direct vision, even if worn under a coat such as wind long coat, you will instantly recognize, chic enough.

And in style, retro corduroy pants also given characteristic style mellow.


Retro above and tough trousers of different retro corduroy blend of comfort and nature, is more tasty and elegant retro winter to wear a suit jacket in general below, you can break the old-fashioned, but also to highlight the confident dignity.

Corduroy pants do not want to wear old-fashioned, but also work hard in color.

Do not think only of brown corduroy one of many now can choose colors and styles, including a number of beautiful bright choice, due to the more stable corduroy texture, color this time a little bit bold overhangs, corduroy pants will not say too “Danger”.

Brown corduroy pants outside there is nothing retro at all, but more dynamic and impact, as the structure modeling to highlight outstanding level, show more romantic and delicate colors.

Finally Plaid pants.

Similarly, one of the most classic plaid pattern element which is a man-style, as suits, jackets, coats, jackets, etc. It is particularly common in the pants can be, if not matching with the suit, but only a handful.


Compared to a clean surface solid color pants, checkered added elements, but also it is clear that you can easily put out with the crowd apart, superior eye-catching.


Although Plaid itself is a little retro flavor, can be used as pants, it will not be too obvious, but more than to be dignified, because Plaid strict permutations and combinations of elements of the decision itself.

May all the common elements are stripes on the pants fishes, aligned in parallel vertical stripes modified leg line has a good effect.


But on the level of eye-catching, striped Plaid is less so obvious.

We all know that there are many checkered style, we will not elaborate here, but as pants selection,

It is generally not recommended to choose too small, fine tartan

Comparing fine plaid, plaid wide arrangement would give people more space vision, pattern order will be more prominent prominent, simply put, is enough atmosphere, which can reflect the spirit of free men calm demeanor.

This is also other pants do not have advantages.


Plaid pants to wear, under normal circumstances, if not wearing a checkered suit and matching, then also do not suggest that you put on the same plaid shirt.


If there Plaid Jacket, the main elements are prominent on the role of jacket, trousers will be weakened a lot.

But this does not prevent you select another pattern texture coat.


Such as herringbone coat with plaid pants is a good combinations, Herringbone not mask over checkered trousers, and Plaid will make herringbone coat on it becomes delicate, more texture modeling “deep”, piercing the calm, wear clothing with a subtle and delicate.


And when you wear wool sweaters, coats, including teddy bears, lambs wool jacket, fur, fleece jackets, including a fluffy material, also can be used for a Plaid pants to make the overall texture becomes delicate and full.


In all fabric Plaid pants, winter is not to be missed natural material of tweed.


Compared with ordinary plaid pants, also more than the effect of a layer of thick soft waxy solid, warm and more foot, winter can be used as a gentleman legs taste of the election, the wealth of eleven exquisite care to be revealed, set the tone temperament.

Relative jacket, pants style building is simply more people, but this does not mean that men have in it, “rest on our laurels,” boldly taken pants comfort zone, to be able to make further performance style.

These are the pants of choice leaves these three different types to introduce, men’s pants, although the overall number of species, can also do wonderful fun, do not always go on two legs “went black.”