Recommended 9 national standard excellent silk quilt, keep warm and comfortable

Silk is in warm performance, although it is not a duvet and wool, but the breathable and skin-friendly is more superior, suitable for spring and autumn cover, comfortable and heavy.

Online shopping silk is the most fear of fake, so the intimate small cover is recommended to everyone a few word-of-mouth ultra-good silk, all reach the national excellent level, you can get free to start.


Rio | Ting Yawind logo jacquard silk quilt

Ryso is one of the earliest and standardized production of silk quilts in the industry. It has integrated production base in Zhejiang Tonglu and Jade, and participates in the development of silk by national standards. The products made of double palace cockroaches are filled with raw materials, soft and soft, with pearls, elegant atmosphere, is a more decent gift option.

Ting Ting Ya Weido marker jacquard silk is one of the flagship series of Rya, providing a variety of pounds. Products are made into a protective tettack with combed cotton jacquard, and more soft and breathable compared to the fiber fabric, can better protect the inner silkworms from contamination.


Traditional silk is long and easy to have a bump, and Ryger is targeted by this drawback, and its patented mesh cotton technology and hand-made needle process will prevent silk being cooked and shift.

Tingjian Weiwi logo jacquard series is expensive, Spring and Autumn Spring and Summer cool are between 700-3000 yuan, and winter is 3000-5000 yuan, and it is more suitable for budget to be purchased.


Xinyuan | Luxury silk quilt


Xinyuan is one of the leading leads in Jiangsu agricultural industrialization, holding the two major upper reaches of the silkwormwork and the silkwood factory, strong strength, and participating in the development of silk by national standards, and has obtained the China Silk Association “High-end Silk” Sign.


Deluxe silk is used as the national excellent product, choose 100% two-hiben silkworm filaments for fillers, silk is bright and delicate, soft and fluffy, strictly reaching the national standard requirements. The cotton rinse satin is comfortable and equipped with jacquard crafts and elegant atmosphere.

Among them, the summer cool air conditioner has been net weight 1-2 pounds, the spring and autumn is net weight 3 pounds, and the autumn and winter is net weight 4-8 catties. If the single bed autumn and winter are not warm enough, or do not like frequent replacement quilt, you can choose a child, need to keep warm Performance can be selected 2 + 6, 3 + 6 or 4 + 6, while 2 + 3, 2 + 4 is more suitable for four seasons, and 2 pounds of sons are not in summer.


The series is a luxury, but the price is not expensive, and the summer cool is priced at 700-900 yuan. Autumn and winter is 1000-2500 yuan, the mother is priced at 1500-3500 yuan floating, although the price is high, but a bed four seasons The generic performance is also cost-effective.


Qianhuang | Classic Striped

Qian Huang is the national silkworm industry’s e-commerce field pioneer, and its silk is covered with high school low market, mainly distinguishing the filling of materials and fetal fabrics. Basically, silk is filled with raw materials, but the medium and high-end products use long silk, the tire set fabric is 60s or 80s combed cotton, product level reached the national excellent quality requirements, with a good reputation.

Classic stripes are the entry-level silk quilted by the money. They use the double silkworm cocker in the mulberry garden. They are hand-made into 100% silk, and the summer is a net weight of 1-2 pounds. With the high support 40S cotton satin The tire sleeve is hand-oriented, ensuring the silk is soft and breathable, and the skin is comfortable.

Classic stripes are divided into several different types of different types of somesy, in Spring and Autumn, Winter and four seasons, including 1 pounds and 2 pounds, and the spring and autumn are 3-5 pounds. It is up to 8 pounds, and the three-seater generated mother can be selected between 3-8 pounds.

Classic striped summer cool is priced at 750-1200 yuan, spring and autumn is 1500-2200 yuan, winter is 2500-3200 yuan, while the mother is priced by a net weight of the same net weight, the mother is taken. There are many store promotions in the corresponding season, and the price can take a price of 200-500 yuan, and the cost is very high.


Queen | Fugui Peony Series Silk

The rich peony series is also the family mass series, and the national standard excellent 100% high quality double palace silk long cotton fill, hand-drawn positioning, tire set is 60s cotton satin figures, comfortable.

In order to take into account the needs of different family members, in addition to routine pounds, the series also provides a 50,000-kilogram of children’s summer cool, and the four seasons of universal plants have also increased by 1.5, 3.5 and other combinations, children and the elderly people can find appropriate Kum weight.


0.8 pounds of children are priced at 400-998 yuan, and there is a Tom cat with Tom Cats. It is rich in children; the routine summer is 500-900 yuan, the spring and autumn are 1000-1600 yuan, and the winter is priced at 2,000 yuan.


Xinyuan | Dream Festival series classic silk quilt


The dream series is the style of Xinyuan line, and it is also a national standard, 100% double palace silk silk, and the tire sleeve is 60s cotton printing fabric, soft and delicate.

The series uses Xinyuan patented “high-elastic expansion silk production method”, and the finished silk hair is strong and breathable, the touch is comfortable, and the multi-well structure of silk itself is maintained, the product can remain in a relatively stable Temperature, summer is not easy to sweat, winter is not easy to leak cold.

The classic summer cool air conditioner is priced at 778-1330 yuan, the spring and autumn (3-4 catties) price is 1,700-1800 yuan, autumn and winter (5-8 catties) price is from 2000-3700 yuan.


Silk lady | Transparent heart series


The silkworm lady is one of the high-quality silky production enterprises in Huzhou, Zhejiang. Huzhou is a domestic high-quality lake origin. The biggest feature of the lake is good toughness, claiming that the eight copper coins are not cracking, and the sauna produced in other parts of Jiangsu, Zhejiang Silk is hard to compare with it in toughness.

The transparent heart series also uses the double palace to grow, soft and soft, plus two ways to use manual needle or quilted loops, will not easily cut the tough filament, ensure that silk is long-lasting and soft, quality reaches national standard Excellent requirements. The fetal sleeve is the whole silk chiffon material, with only 0.35kg weight, nearly 1/3 of the cotton tire set, is a more nice spring and autumn and summer cool.


Transparent heart series is divided into spring and summer, autumn and winter, spring and autumn and summer cool are price at 1800-3200 yuan, autumn and winter is priced at around 3400-4700 yuan.


Rye | Flower Flowers Fooks Peony Jacquard Silk

This holistic quality of the country is high, and the three-dimensional peony jacquard image is vivid, combined with a strict edge and precision line to ensure the silk is firm and durable. Summer cool is typically between 600-2000.

The series of summer cools are between 700-2000 yuan, and the spring and autumn are around 2500-3800, and the winter is as high as 4300-5000, but there is no mother to be designed, and the quilt needs to be replaced according to the season.


Ci Yun | 品 被

Zhezhu Ancient Town is located in Wujiang, Jiangsu, is one of the famous silk ancient towns in China. Ci Yun is from this place, from silkworm farming to systematically follow the specialization process.


Ci Yun selection high-quality silk is the best selection of materials – 100% double palace silk filaments for raw materials, wraps and fixed silk tire sleeves are twezwise cotton fabrics, and the twill fabric is soft, with manual positioning, ensuring silk It is not easy to shift for a long time.

The products of the products have been priced at 500-800 yuan, but the store has more promotion. The activities can take about 200-400 yuan, the price is relatively high; the spring and autumn are around 1500-2000 yuan, and the winter is as high as 4300-5000. , The price is relatively expensive.


Qian Huang | full of autumn drunk series silk quilt

Mansum Qiuli is a series of royal positions, and the tire set fabric is selected from Xinjiang cotton, and it has been made into 80S satin fabric, gently close. In addition to using a two-hordic phylogenesis in the process of cooking, the mousse is added, and the average amount of raw material made of silk is larger. The inner layer of the cockroaches is less. The difficulty of silk, improved the toughness and service life of silk.

This model retains 53.9% of silk silk gelatin, good skin feel, the skin sensitive population is equally applicable, and it has enhanced warmth. Although the series also has summer cool air conditioning, it is more recommended that the series of winter is more reflective, it is more reflected in the performance of special cooking treatment.

The series of summer cools is priced at 600-950 yuan, and Spring and Autumn were taken from 1200-2000 yuan, and the winter was 2200-2900 yuan.