What is “Green Supply”?

Because there are too many fakes in the market, it is a little bit of fare. Many players have a little bit of the soldiers. See what is like fake, no longer like it is, seeing what is really simple. This way, at least everyone hits the market, I want to buy new items to enrich the knowledge, and I will have less taking medicine less.

Regarding the oil supply, what is said, there is a special way to say that this is a special method of Tibetan friends. As for what is it, I will let Xiaobian take you with you.

EXCUSE ME? What does this picture mean? Is it a mellow in the pot? That takes oil and stir-fading is not old?

In fact, this is not the old game to be old, it is called “



“The maintenance method is also called the butter eye.” Supply “is not dedicated, but the meaning of maintenance, maintenance.

Because the phoenix is ​​not suitable for the dry climate in Tibet, if it is necessary to use it as a rosary, then people need to use the crispy plate, and the purpose is to prevent the beads from cracking. For example, the South is not adapted to the north, because the reasons for the dryness of the north, the skin will be tap, this time you need to give the skin.

So, what is the mesenchy?


In fact, the butter itself is a Tibetan food. It is a dairy product like Western butter, which is a high nutritious food.

What is the pasta?


Butter supply is a production process that is soaked with butter, mostly used in the phoenix, the traditional butter supply, itself is a custom of Tibetan and Nepal, in fact, the butter itself is a mysterious ceremony for Tibetans and Nepal people. Not only in the eye, all kinds of beads have.


Like cinnabar, it is not to make him old, it is a kind ceremony. However, due to the market for the demand for old beads, many merchants have the phoenix to pretend to be old beads to sell, causing many people to think that the butter supply is old.


But not all the butter supplies must put the phoenix in the pot!


Gheey eye is divided into three categories

The first category is above, and the surface of the surface is split. This can extend to the wipe to make a cracking effect. Generally, it is common in new seeds with high prices. The reason is simple, high price, short time may not be able to shoot, and will not come to the hand quickly.

It’s just that the surface is painted on the surface, and the disk is playing more than the original seed. First, we must first put the surface of the ghee pan, but the advantage is that the new seed loss is small, avoiding the embarrassing of the disk halfway Surface, play the original color without treatment of new seeds, two simultaneous, or several seeds.

The second category is soaked in the ghee. This kind of seed is beautiful, and the disc color is slow, and the sweat and temperature are not sensitive. Many times I look at it and have been almost the same, and the china is good, it is dead.

The third category is crispy. It can be fried in a purely fried oil, and it can also be fried together with a color dye, blowing the color you want, and the fried is also boiled.

The pure fried phoenix is ​​generally color brown, and the more it will play, the more black, it is quite greasy, because the color is approximated for a long time, so many illegal vendors will sell themselves with this class.


It is very interesting to fry together with butter plus dye. What color is desired, and the most fierce is no color difference, a pot of water eyes.

After reading these, do you have a certain understanding of the butter?


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