Is Yang Yulin that is serious? Ultra-thick waterproof platform plus column shoes, not elegant at all

High heels do not say a pair of people, but for some girls, high heels are really inseparable, even if the whole shoe cabinet is normally

. However, the design style of high heels is so much, it is really not enough to be elegant.

Like Yang Yulin’s style of appearance, wearing a thin sweater should be very romantic, but the ultra-thick waterproof platform plus column shoes, watching it is not elegant and cumbersome, Yang Yulin this shoe is serious? ?

Yang Yulin’s shoe in the style of style, seeing the first eye, I thought this is a photo of ten years ago, because this super thick waterproof platform is high heels, now I have been eliminated, don’t mention it, it is so thick. Hate the height shoe, this kind of fashion is really can’t understand. Although the effect of increase is very good, there is no way to cover the floor, too bulky shoes have been reduced to the shape.


When girls pick high heels, there are several designs that need to be careful. First of all, the first is the ultra-thick waterproof platform design.


Whether it is in the sandals or bag skates, even sneakers, the ultra-thick waterproof platform is not very beautiful. Over-thick sole design, even if sandals look very cumbersome, don’t mention the fine boots, Yang Yulin’s shoes are reference.

Waterproof platform high-heeled shoes have also been popular,

On the one hand, the increase is more remarkable, and on the other hand, the slope of the heel can be more eased. When wearing a dozen centimeter high heels, the toes will not have too much burden.

But these advantages are not enough to cover the cumbersome traits, and in fact most girls don’t need a dozen centimeters of high heels, which will only make the proportion looks away.

Secondly, the super high thick shoes are also very unbursed,

The problem is the same as the waterproof platform, it looks

It is very cumbersome.

Of course, the thick and design itself is no problem. For girls who are not good at wearing high heels, or more pursuit of comfort, the thickness is indeed more recommended than fine. The thickness of load weight is relatively better, and the pressure that is wearing will naturally be a lot.


But the thick and once design is too high, it is easy to look very cumbersome.

The thick tape, the height is controlled in ten centimeters.

The proportion is relatively coordinated. In fact, the female star occasionally chooses more than a dozen centimeter high heels. It is basically a stypery style. Yang Yulin’s silver word sandals are like this, so it is enough to be elegant.

The thickness and stilettening is obviously different in style, whether it is a low heel shoes of three or four centimeters, or a high heels of seven or eight cm.

The stilette will be more refined than thick.

Therefore, in the case of self-adaptation, the height and shoes are preferred. Among them, the higher the shoes, the higher the difficulty, the higher the daily commuter workplace, and individuals think that the height of five or six cm is enough.

This summer is also popular with a particular single product.


The design style and the old man shoes are a bit similar, but the version is replaced from sneakers to sandals.


Magic sandals design, version and old shoes are as cumbersome, usually there will be a height of about four centimeters, this sports wind sandals, is your shoe cabinet?


Compared to four centimeters of pointed high-heeled shoes, this almost flattened sports sandals can be easier.


The key is to make it more suitable for a daily casual style.

Like Yang Yulin, it is easy to relax with white t-shirt jeans.

From the old shoes to sports sandals, this version is slightly cumbersome shoes design, but now it is so popular, on the one hand, because it is in line with the street style, more important,

Under the lining of the large shoe, it is actually fascinating that the leg lines are more thin.


Is Yang Yulin that is serious? Ultra-thick waterproof platform plus column shoes, not elegant, wearing thin water skirts, can’t cover the cumbersome, really don’t understand, can you understand this fashion?


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