Why do some cotton towels do not absorb water?

Why does the cotton towel do not absorb water? Many customers will ask, why is there a cotton towel placed in the water? Some towels do not absorb water? There are also a drop of water on a cotton towel in some hotels, is the water infiltrated immediately? The cotton towels used in the hotel generally add an adjuvant to increase the compliance of the compliance, which is a softener.

Soft agent is a chemical, mainly used to change the static and moving friction coefficient of fibers. When the static friction coefficient changes, the hand feels smooth and easy to move on the fibers or fabric, that is, the fibers or fabrics are easily deformed, and the two combine the two can touch the towel. Soft.

The characteristics of the normal home cotton towel are: the density is thin, the gram is thin, so the gap between the coil and the coil is large, and the general water absorption will be very good. In order to make the hotel’s cotton towels longer, the characteristics are as follows: gram weight, dense dense, and the gap between the lift is relatively small, so in order to increase its comfort, the main component of the softener is used in order to increase its comfort. Silicone oil. Typically, it is rinsed twice with water, the water absorption rate of the cotton towel itself will be recovered, but if you think that the required water absorption is still a distance, you can use these three methods for reference only:

1. Add 1-2 g of caustic sodium per kilogram in soft water in 80 ° -100 ° C, and washed half an hour, it is expected that 30% -50% softeners are removed each time wash. Clean the towels twice, so that the effect can be achieved, and the water absorption rate after three washing will be achieved within 10 seconds.


2. Cook for half an hour with high temperature water at 80 ° -100 ° C.

3.100 degrees high temperature lasts for half an hour.

The principle of the above method is very simple, which is a softening agent that melts high temperature. The hotel’s cotton towels are also hand-woven products, and the yarns are relatively fine, and we need to care carefully and maintained during the following use.

1. Try to select a gentle cleaner to avoid direct detergents on a towel product, otherwise the residual detergent liquid will change the color of the towel. When choosing a detergent, it is recommended not to use chloro chlorine bleaching.


2. It is recommended to avoid using oil that will affect towel water absorption.

3. Clean cotton towels need to be dried and dried to 80% in the dryer to make the cotton towels fluffy and soft, but time should not be too long.

The above is the reason analysis of why the cotton towel is shared today and the solution, we will see you next time!