Autumn and winter must have a thick dress! The upper body is beautiful, too slime

Good afternoon, I have been writing again.

Thick skirt

Time! Familiar with my girl should know, I am also a senior skirt fan, haha ​​~

After all, as a single product, the skirt can

Wear in a cool weather

And directly

With a thick coat one button to solve the upset.

It can be said that if you want the autumn and winter, it is necessary to prepare a few skirts in the wardrobe!

However, although the dress is very “central air conditioner”, but after all

Ten thousand million style, once the style and yourself don’t take, sometimes


Not to mention, there is also autumn and winter to take into account “warm” “fashion”,

The big skirt is directly turned to be a little bit


Therefore, this dress is senior enthusiast, and it is time to share with you so many years.

Skirt, skirt

Tips. Want autumn and winter

Take care of warmth and fashion


, Then this article must look down

Let’s talk about the selection of the skirt! In fact, it is not difficult. Let me say that the selection of the skirt is the style is not right. And this is mostly because everyone doesn’t know

From the fabric, color, printing to locate style


View version, watch fabric

Take the simplest fabric, it is soft or hard, and the style of presence is completely different.

The more soft fabric skirt is the more sweet, and the harder the fabric is, the more you feel, the more you feel.



This is also why everyone will choose when they want to wear a sweet sense.

Chiffon, knitted

This kind of soft fabric; when wearing a cool feel,

Suit, hair

This type of hard models.

The skirt style has a decision factor is the version. If the big skeleton girl wearing a skirt always feels


Strong and beautiful, that big probability is that the version is not selected

Design elements are complicated,

The rounded lines are very versed, the style is sustained; the straight lines are multi-version, the style will be more favorable, cool

Also more suitable for the big skeleton girl

Some girls may still not understand the lines, you can look at this picture, you can understand the line round and represent the straight line of the “sweet”.

This is also the reason why our skirt is stepped on the skirt. The big skeleton is biased, wearing a lace + wood ear … Sweet to the extreme skirt, you can’t conflict with your body ~

Source: @ 笑 同学 啊



According to the color, the print is sweet or cool

Of course, in addition to judge from version, fabric, skirt

Color and printing


It is also an additional condition that determines the style.

Like a light dress in autumn and winter, it is not so strong, it will fit the sweet girl, the dark color is biased towards a cool style.

It is more clear to see the same box.


Light-color style clearer

If you love to wear a solid skirt, it is enough to judge above. But if you want to point the pattern, then you have to pay attention to the printing.

In fact, it is not difficult, you think about it.

Sweet wind

What is the first in my mind?



Wild, cool, abstract geometric pattern and leopard

Of course, the first choice.


So summarize the above points, the style of the skirt can be firmly tied.


For example, you are a small skeleton or a soft gird, and the tape is caught.

Soft fabric + floral + light color these keywords

at the same time,

Straight line + hard-hard fabric

(Similar to thick hair, leather)

+ Dark color

It is very suitable for the stem of the big woman, the proper gas field is one meter.

Finished, and then tell you that you are all concerned about warmth and fashion.


I want to say that this is the easiest, just grasp


Skirt length and match

Not a problem

Long tube boots, fast and warm high artifacts

In the autumn and winter, wearing a skirt, keep warm, or you can’t tell the “beautiful frozen people”.



Skirt + boots


Has been a half-lasting formula for my autumn and winter dress, sometimes I can still hide the autumn trousers in the boots, I am completely cold

However, when using this group of gold CP, be careful

“Junction” of skirt and boots

Because the whole set of wearing it, it is easy to form a visual center there. If the boots and skirts are just “hit”, the connection will become eye-catching and expanded.


Therefore, we must remember the dress + boots.


Skirt falling and boots in length

Either both

Dew point calf

, Either skirt


Directly cover the boots

(But it is best to stop 3-5cm on the ankle, it is not easy to show short ha.).

Of course, there is a certain relationship with the width of the boots.

When wearing a skirt, if you are piled up with crumpled skin, you will be deeply pendant, showing a short time, and there is a bit.

Especially this kind of hose boots very popular this year, you are going to get angry, let alone pull up.

So, we simply treat the boots as the role of leggings, choose

Legs boots

It will not be dragged.


Such as this

Slightly soft leather

, When you buy it, you will be good, keep it.

Boots is 2cm than the legs

It is very suitable for about left and right, and it is very good to put it on the leg and the legs.

If you don’t pick a suitable boot, the most easy method is to choose Martin’s boots, and the system is tightly adjusted ~

Finally, there is still a matter of attention to the shoes, and I have said it before.


The more the shoe is blunt, the more glorious

. Natural, it is not suitable for the thick skirt with autumn and winter, otherwise it is easy to appear



Press me, the most appropriate or

Boots in the circle

The gentle round and pointed, light and clumsy are just right, do not pick people, it is good to wear!


Image source @ 宁 想 遨游


At the same time, it is also possible to adapt to most of the skirt style, and the girls who want to match the thick skirt can be prepared.


Wear pantyhose, the wind temperature is

After saying the boots, let’s talk about “Tibet” in the skirt and boots under the pantyhose under the boots!

I believe many girls in winter, there must be cold reasons, this is not, now there is a different thickness of socks, the skirt is just wearing, the wind temperature has!

However, the color of the pantyhose with unintentional leakage between the skirt and the boots, although it is very harmful, it is easy to wear the “urban and rural binding department”.


So, I recommend the most insurance

Black, gray and brown

This type of neutral colors will not be wrong, not only can you see a single item in autumn and winter, but also “leg” is thin.

But! Pay attention to

Pantyhose and complete set of LOOK’s harmony


Otherwise it is easy to wear “bamboo legs”

It is best to

black Brown

Pantyhose match



grey White




Avoid the entire set of LOOK looks in color order separation.

I most recommended with black pantyhose with color shoes and dark skirts, it can easily manufacture visual differences, quietly pull long, and I have never!


图 源 源 @ 白大飞, Xiao Li

In addition, try to choose the thickness of the meat, too thin, and there is a cheap.





It belongs to the perfect,



Will keep warm.


Wearing “there is a light” easy to say goodbye to Dunge


Whether it is a dress or a jacket, remember to keep the entire look and have a light weight, it does not imbalance.

“Heavy” + “heavy” is easy to use

It is very heavy like a thick rod yarn itself, then goes with the wool dress, heavy boots, like a cylinder.

So, on the single item

To take the “light weight” of each item

It is very important!


The correct approach is

There is at least one lightweight in full body.


To alleviate the weight of the whole body, it is not easy to blook up like a thick coat with a lightweight coat.


If the skirt is more than a heavyweight sweater, the jacket is quite thin or short, and the point of weight is reduced.



Little child is always remembers the length of the jacket

The little girl wants to keep warm in autumn and winter, of course, can choose a long skirt, but except for paying attention to the “light weight”, I still have to remember


Internal and external length

Like the long jacket, with a long skirt, dress and jackets are flushed, basically bid farewell to height, if


Recover one of the lengths


, Form a drop, don’t be highly improved?

But it also pays attention to it, the dress is best to avoid and knee, otherwise the whole person is cut into two segments, very profitable.


The correct approach is to increase the length of the dress, reducing the length of the jacket, so balance the up and down ratio can be high.

Ok, today’s autumn and winter skirt is taking this, you can say that it is to tell you how you choose a dress for many years, I hope you can learn!

By the way, in addition to the autumn and winter skirt, do you have any other items to see?