Five black & full camera review, which you most admire OPPO generation machine to take pictures?

Jobs said that the smartphone is equal to mp3 + Internet. But technology development speed is too fast, and now may have to add a camera. Especially from the end of last year, a public phone brand development effort invariably cell phone camera, and sometimes there are contending trend.

Which also represents the OPPO said fully charged, the talk take pictures, attitude is humble, jerky, playing nothing, but just like taking pictures like a veteran, Shumenshulu. According to the latest data show that Sino its pictures “transformation” of the first three consecutive months flagship OPPO R9s line market system under the tyrants, became the first best-selling models.

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A shot that is so generous, plus will launch later this month at MWC above 5x zoom technology, even more intrinsic OPPO more and more curious, why Zuosha consequently the line of it, VOOC flash charging and flash charge alongside Qualcomm now camera is also very powerful. Montesquieu said that the best way to understand a man is to see him yesterday. Then you want to understand the phenomenon levels OPPO boom, we have to look at it yesterday.

· 2012 launched when Ulike 2, when the aircraft is also commonly used in the industry front camera 2 million pixels or less, OPPO has for the first time to raise megapixel front-facing camera to 500 million, becoming the leading selfie beauty products.

· 2014 launch of 7 Find: ultra-clear shooting mode and the introduction of the original painting PI engines, bringing multi-frame sampling synthesis (take pictures up to 50 million pixels), to the post-secondary crop composition brought a lot of room for maneuver.

· N Series: bring the iconic rotating camera, their ideas at the time known as “the best camera phones,” from manually rotate the camera N5117 to N3 electric rotating camera, such upgrades OPPO just 9 months time.


R9 series: R9 of front and rear dual 16 megapixel camera, and a new dual-core technology focus R9s introduced to make mobile phone camera on quality and on a higher level.

Back in the past, we can find “camera phone” for OPPO, it has always been the core of the brand, while the ancient OPPO classic mobile phone review can be found from the outset that the pursuit of self OPPO mobile phone camera, 5x technology this year, OPPO What will bring the new camera technology.


Before guess “5X” is “5x optical zoom” This thing has basically been confirmed, last year’s iPhone 7 Plus supports 2x optical zoom, as to how to achieve this in the end OPPO black science and technology, we would have to wait before MWC understood.


OPPO Why then have been in deep plowing taking pictures (15 years, Chinese enterprises to apply for patents accepted ranked No. 4, and most of them on camera technology)? It is the beginning of the heart has not changed? This is the official quotation as a for-profit business organizations, the product sold out is king, and OPPO has a soft spot for taking pictures, then because users care about this matter, especially in the 17 years, I believe the camera will become more important, turn into a new round of competition in the industry in the Red Sea.

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