Women’s 65,000 to buy 37 pieces of postpartum corsets to wear the month without effect refund

(Original title: 65,000 yuan bought 37 postpartum “shaping” underwear)

The public spends 65,000 yuan to buy underwear. Reporter

Ms. Wang, Ms. Zhang, Ms. Wang, was produced in 2018, and then in the 2nd floor of the Dinghao Square, she was postponed after post-production, and during the nursing, the clerk recommended home sales in Antignian underwear. In order to restore the body as soon as possible, Ms. Wang bought 37 underwear twice, spend 65,000 yuan, wearing three months and unconscious effects, and negotiated refund with the store.

Underwear payment is home shoes store

According to Mr. Zhang, after the birth of the wife, I came to the post-birth treatment of the 2nd floor of Dinghao Square, and the clerk recommended a Antinian underwear that helped postpartum recovery. The underwear sold and the usual abdomen underwear looks no difference, but the store said that this underwear will help the pelvic correction, breast enhancement hips. In order to help his wife recovery, Mr. Zhang decided to buy the underwear recommended by the store.

“At that time, the store said that this underwear was very good, the first month was the strengthening of wearing, and there will be effect. The body will soon recover. If there is no effect, it can be refunded.” Mr. Zhang told reporters, listening When the clerk, the wife Wang spent 65,000 yuan twice and purchased 37 underwear.

But Ms. Wang worn for three months, and the body did not discover the change in turritus. Since the store promised that there is no effect, it can be refunded, so Mr. Zhang came to the post-birth resumption of refunds. I don’t want the clerk that Zhang Mr. Zhang did not pay it on the store. Mr. Zhang said, “The store said confidd the account, I turned it, and found that QR code payment and credit card credit card payment are one shoe store.”

Tag without production plant

女子6.5万买37件产后塑身衣 穿仨月无效果退款被拒

Mr. Zhang and his wife returned to the home and carefully viewed underwear, and suddenly found that there was no production site, production time and other information on the underwear tag. “The tag does not indicate the information you should have. I think this is three no products. After a day, I went to the store to ask, and the staff took a test report without cover.” Mr. Zhang said that he doesn’t What is the test report of the compliance? If you want to take a photo, please refuse by the store, there is no way to help the business department.

A few days later, the workers of the industrial and commercial department came to reply to Mr. Zhang said that the store denied that this underwear is given to Mr. Zhang. Then, the reporter contacted the high-tech district market supervision office, the staff said that there was no such underwear, and the store was only a publicity point of this underwear. According to the relevant provisions of the national product quality law, the product must indicate effective information such as the manufacturer name, site, can be on the tag, can also be in the product packaging, Mr. Zhang’s tag is not indicated. The store reply that the tag information may be torn off, so it is not possible to determine that the product is not three products.

The store said that the clothes wear can’t be returned

The reporter contacted the staff of the recovery center after pregnancy. For Mr. Zhang wants to refund, the staff is somewhat not recognized. “The clothes passing are not refundable. The people who have been refunded will investigate. Our store is there is no problem. Zhang Mr. Zhang said that wearing three months without the effect. If there is anything, no one knows, say his wife Not worn for three months. At that time, we said that wearing a three-month manner service will be more fast, in fact, it is necessary to wear 3 to 5 years. “

For the payee for the shoe store, the staff said that this is just a collection method that cannot be representative. If the customer thinks that the clothes can be contacted by the manufacturer, the invoice is also based on the customer’s needs to choose not open or how to open .

On the afternoon of the 26th, the reporter repeatedly found the manufacturer Antignian phone and found that the manufacturer had only one flagship store sales phone, and the other person inform Antifuna headquarters did not set the customer service phone. The reporter re-contacted the staff of the post-birth recovery center, when asked and the manufacturer or the person in charge of Shandong District, the staff refused to answer.