Enjoy the “National Day” holiday, Alice Sinse help you travel happy

With the “National Day” approaching, many people began planning travel routes. Because the highway is exempt from the convenience of tolls, self-driving tour has become a travel way to choose many friends. Compared with the driving tour, take the train, aircraft, etc., you can master the route and time, everyone put on food, tents, etc., walk away, enjoy the “on the road”.

Speaking of self-driving tour, give us feelings nature is romantic, relaxed and pleasant, but the preparatory work in the previous period cannot be less. Whether we are taking care of food and items, feeling messy? So, a practical, beautiful storage box can make your travel easier, no longer have to go through the entire car in order to find an item!

Let’s recommend several self-driving priests to you:

First, Alice Toolbox

Its material is excellent, with unique injection molding, high strength, and smooth surface treatment more easily wiped oil, rugged, is super practical tool storage products. Types include household toolboxes, car boxes, medicine boxes.


Second, the Alice Changling box.

Can be used to store some of the items and tools on the car. In the trunk of the car, it is not messy in the car. The internal capacity is large, and it can be used according to your own needs to be used for classification storage. Adopt card button design, easy to open, and better in close performance.

Third, Alice car incubator


The food in the car has been easily deteriorated. Alice car incubator does not need to plug in the delicious food.

It uses imported environmental protection resin material to make high-efficiency insulation boxes and ice bags perfect combination, storage cold storage heat and energy supplementation, preservation, heat preservation, cold cooling, can be used in four seasons; professional structural design, ensuring box The sealing property effectively prevents the inside and outside air to dissipate heat. At the same time, it has convenient features, and the lid can be discontinued as needed, and it is also easy to clean when the interior is dirty.